Effects on general well-being – a personal story


Peter’s allergy heavily impacts his sleep and leaves him feeling exhausted the next day

Name: Peter
Age: 21
Occupation: Student

I’ve been allergic to house dust mites from when I was a young boy. I know it’s not a life-threatening disease, but it does get on my nerves. The disease is chronic and creates problems for me that I will have to deal with the rest of my life. At certain points, it really gets to me and severely affects the quality of my life.

The worst times are when it affects my sleep. Sometimes, I can’t get a proper night’s sleep because of my blocked and itchy nose. I'm just lying there, turning and turning, not able to find rest due to my stuffed head. It's like a nightmare. It makes me so frustrated and irritated because I know the next day will be wasted. I’ll be really tired and will have trouble concentrating in school. Also later when I have to study, I rather feel like sleeping.

I’ve tried several methods to reduce house dust mites in the bedroom, but whenever I go to bed, I can just feel my symptoms get worse.

The bad sleep also affects my relationship with my friends. I'm not always up for jokes and I also sometimes get into silly discussions with my girlfriend because I have a short fuse. I feel irritable and I think that my friends just don’t really understand what’s going on with me.

In those periods when my allergy is at its worst, I stay more at home because I have more control there. I stay away from places where I suspect there can be dust. I can’t help feeling that I put my social life on hold. The world is right outside my doorstep but I can’t be a part of it and it’s making me feel isolated.

(Peter is not a real person. The story is based on patient cases and study findings. It is for illustrative purposes only)

How do i live with allergy?

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