Having a child with allergy – a personal story


Beth worries about her child’s allergy and takes many precautions to ease her symptoms.

Name: Beth
Age: 39
Occupation: Consultant

As a parent to a 6-year-old with house dust mite allergy, I know that it’s important to get rid of as many of allergy triggers as possible. I wash all fabric in her room, such as curtains and bed sheets, at least once a week. I also wash her stuffed animals, following the directions on their tags. If there are some stuffed animals that cannot be washed, I seal them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer for several hours to kill any dust mites.

Even when I take precautions, her allergy sometimes keeps her from getting a good night’s sleep. When she has trouble falling and staying asleep, I find it hard to wake her in the morning and she acts all cranky and tired the next day. Although she’s still young, I’m beginning to worry about how this will affect her school work. I’m concerned that her allergy will get worse over time, and I find it sad that it’s something that she has to deal with the rest of her life.

Sometimes I feel that other people think I’m making a fuss and trying to be over-protective. But my daughter’s health is paramount to me. What I worry about the most is that her allergy develops into asthma. I don’t expect the whole world to adapt to her condition, but I’m thankful that my close friends and family understand her allergy and help make her childhood as fun, normal and worry-free as possible.

(Beth is not a real person. The story is based on patient cases and study findings. It is for illustrative purposes only)

How do i live with allergy?

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