Impact on family and friends - a personal story


Fiona sometimes feels guilty about her allergies affecting her family and friends.

Name: Fiona
Age: 46
Occupation: Teacher

I sometimes feel guilty about my pet and house dust mites allergies affecting my family and friends. My children love dogs but we are unable to have one after I became allergic to our last one. We can’t even visit family and friends who have dogs. It affects all our lives, not just mine and I hate I can't be impulsive about what I want to do and who I want to see.

My husband is often cold at night because I can’t sleep with the window shut. If we don’t have the window open, I snore which also affects my husband’s sleep and makes me uncomfortable. And then there is my coughing which disrupts our sleep every night.

We don’t visit family and friends as often as we would like. We can’t just pop by because they have to clean their house if they know I’m coming. It’s not easy to ask other people to take extra care when cleaning. It feels like I’m really obsessive and that I’m blaming them for having a dirty home which is not the case.

(Fiona is not a real person. The story is based on patient cases and study findings. It is for illustrative purposes only)

How do i live with allergy?

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