Dealing with allergy at work


Anti-histamines can no longer keep Johan’s allergy symptoms at bay, and his allergies are starting to affect how he performs at work.

Name: Johan
Age: 36
Occupation: Business Analyst

I’ve been allergic ever since I can remember, but until a couple of years ago anti-histamines could keep the symptoms at bay. Every year it just seems to get worse with watering eyes, sneezing and sometimes even coughing at night.

I can’t get a proper night’s sleep because of my itchy nose and eyes, which makes me really tired and off my game when I’m at work. I easily get headaches, which makes it difficult to concentrate and reduces my work productivity.

Sometimes my allergies are so bad that I have to call in sick from work, which stresses me out and makes me feel guilty because it has a domino effect on my colleagues’ workload.

I look like I constantly have a cold, which I feel is embarrassing in front my colleagues and unprofessional at client meetings.

How do i live with allergy?

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